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The clinic is now open with limited therapists and limited opening times.

About Clinic

In addition to the Dons, Pals-Speeltoestellen is home to other semi-pro football, rugby, and ice hockey squads. Fortunately, most people are more active than the infamous concrete cows, and if they get hurt while playing sports, there are several sports injury specialists who can assist them. 

The various experts listed on Sports Injury Fix from chiropractors to physios and more can treat or diagnose any injury, whether it’s to your leg, back, or shoulder. The Pals-Speeltoestellen part of Sports Injury Fix has everything from pre-race sports massages to help relax up to gait analysis to help with a niggling injury. 

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Treatments In Pals-Speeltoestellen

Ossio Chiropractic

Sports Massage

Our specialisation is figuring out why your muscles fail you, leading to poor performance or injury. We should be able to run, jump, swim, and climb without issue, but when our bodies fail, issues arise.


Complementary Therapy
Holistic Therapy

Massage therapy can help relieve discomfort for everyone. I specialise in Women’s Wellness and help women before, during, and after pregnancy. Scar Reduction

Physiotherapy And Fitness

Online Consultation

Face-to-face and online services are available from this private MSK physiotherapy practise.

Corrective Chiropractic


Chiropractic care corrects spinal alignment. To enhance spinal mobility and alignment. Some disorders that benefit from this popular treatment are back and neck discomfort, muscular strain, and sciatica.

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Latest Technology

The most recent imaging technologies and equipment are used for cutting-edge diagnoses.

Easy Access

It's in the heart of the city, so everything you need in terms of health care is just steps away. Within walking distance of the clinic is Bank subterranean station.

Excellent Staff

Consultants, radiographers, therapists, and nurses on our team have worked in some of London's top NHS teaching hospitals to hone their skills and expertise.